Darjeeling NDM-6


Built by Suri and Nayar (SAN) Engineering & Locomotive Co. Bangalore, this loco is currently used on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The loco is a 2-axle air-braked unit and weighs in at around 17.5 tonnes with hydraulic transmission and is powered by a Kirloskar-Cummins engine with 335 hp continuous output. The NDM-6 is the fourth in our series of battery powered diesel models.

This model has been designed and built to be equal in performance to our steam models. It features two powerful geared motors and drive-train and at almost 3.5 kg is quite a heavyweight, with performance to match.

Technical specifications for 'Darjeeling NDM-6'.

2024 Prices (includes VAT)

Radio control - £1489.00

With sound - £1607.00

The cost of the loco is based on the price list at point of completion.

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