R/C Components

For those looking to add some electronic automation to their kit loco or scratch built loco we supply a number of components straight off the shelf. For extra information and dimension don't hestitate to contact the factory directly. Click over the picture for a closer look.
We also provide Gift Vouchers which can be used on all Roundhouse products.

BH AA or AAA 4 cell flat battery holder with PP3 connector.
LOCOGLYDE Locoglyde electronic speed controller for battery electric locomotives. Instructions here.
MFAMOTOR Motor unit, 6-15V DC. 28mm diameter body with M2.5 threaded mounting points.
RCCB Pair of servo arm connecting blocks with screws and push fit starlock washers.
RCEPAM 'Model Radio Workshop' endpoint adjustment module. Excellent for use with simpler R/C sets that feature no EPA.
RCHFS Hitec HS-55 Feather Servo with JR plug on a 25cm lead.
RCHMS Hitec HS-81 Micro Servo with JR plug on a 25cm lead.
RCHSS Hitec HS-311 Standard Servo with JR plug on a 30cm lead.
RCHEW Servo extension wire with Futaba male-female plugs. Available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 400mm lengths.
RCHS On/Off switch with futuba male-female plugs on 120mm leads.
RCPP3-BEC PP3 connector with 150mm lead and BEC connector with 200mm lead.
RC2.4 - Planet TS2+2 2.4GHz 2-Channel Stick Transmitter with 2 Aux Channels with 6-channel Receiver. Simple plug and play set.
RC2.4 - RadioLink T8FB T8FB 2.4GHz 8-Channel Transmitter with Bluetooth and 2x R8EF Receivers (Mode 1). More complex set that allows for fine adjustments via a phone app.
QL 9" steel push rod, 1.67mm diameter, with quick link and M2 locking nut.
WORMG Helical and worm gear with 1/4" diameter axle. As used on our small diesel locos.

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